Code of Conduct

Our aim is to produce good advertising films. We are firmly convinced that the focus should not only be on the advertising film, but also on how the advertising film is created. A value system based on high ethical, social and environmentally friendly standards is an integral part of our filmmaking. In order to transparently disclose our business principles, but also to keep ourselves constantly aware of what we want to comply with, we have imposed the following rules of conduct on ourselves:

Compliance with all applicable laws and relevant regulations is a matter of course for us. We expect the same from all our business partners.

Not only should we comply with the rules of conduct set out here, we also expect our business partners to do the same. In the event of a breach or non-compliance with the obligations of our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation with the business partner concerned, depending on the severity of the breach.

Business ethics

We are committed to operating fairly on the market. Corruption, extortion, bribery or fraud are taboo for us. We also do not enter into price agreements with competitors or divide up customers or market segments.

General working conditions

For us, respect for internationally recognized human rights is the basis of our activities and the associated business relationships. We therefore particularly reject all forms of forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking. The employment contracts we conclude are entered into voluntarily by the employees and can be terminated by them at any time in compliance with applicable law. We also support the fundamental right of all employees to form or join trade unions and employee associations.


The remuneration and social benefits correspond at least to the level of the applicable laws. If we operate in a country where there is no statutory minimum wage, we ensure that the remuneration is at least equivalent to the customary local rate.

Working hours

We make sure that working hours comply with legal requirements. If we operate in a country where no maximum working hours are specified, we observe the recommendation of the International Labor Organization.

Children's activities

For the employment of child performers, the legal provisions, in particular those of the Youth Protection Act, are observed. We pay particular attention to compliance with the prescribed working hours, obtaining permission from parents and, if necessary, a doctor, as well as obtaining the necessary official permits if required.

To ensure that the working hours of the child performers are adhered to, that they are protected and that they are otherwise looked after, we employ a person for the duration of the shoot who is exclusively responsible for the well-being and concerns of the child performers

Harassment and non-discrimination

Our company stands for equality, inclusion and diversity. We therefore reject all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Different treatment, in particular on the grounds of nationality, skin color, religion, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or mental or physical limitations is not acceptable to us.

It is particularly important to us that hierarchical power imbalances are not exploited in our company and that, in general, no benefits are demanded in return for personal advantages. In this sense, any form of solicitation of sexual favors is prohibited and will be strictly punished.

Equal treatment of people is important to us. Against this background, we are committed, among other things, to maintaining a gender balance among our employees, paying wages regardless of gender (no gender pay gap) and using gender-sensitive language in our day-to-day work.

In the event that an employee feels discriminated against or treated unequally, there is the possibility of turning to a contact person who is subject to absolute confidentiality.

Health and safety

In our work, we ensure a healthy and hazard-free environment for our employees and for all persons who work for or with us on a film production in order to avoid accidents and personal injury.

We therefore develop concepts and risk assessments for the activities in our company, but in particular also individually for the respective productions. These are primarily dedicated to dangers emanating from a filming location or caused by the handling of certain props, emergency care and fire protection.

When using particularly dangerous props, such as
We involve specialists as consultants in the production work for firearms and alarm weapons, who are always present during the shoot.

Sustainable action

We want to make a contribution to a sustainable world. That is why we work as resource and climate-friendly as possible. We try to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, use energy efficiently, use renewable energy and avoid waste. We avoid air travel wherever possible and make every effort to avoid air travel as a means of transportation, especially for trips within Germany. On our film sets, we reduce electrical waste and waste as much as possible. Where possible, we use energy-saving LED lighting and natural daylight, and use ecologically sound materials for props and equipment. For catering, we use regional and seasonal products as well as reusable tableware. We avoid plastic cups and bottles and ensure sustainable waste management.